What Are The Benefits To Outsourcing Inside Sales?

When discussing the benefits of doing it yourself, or outsourcing your inside sales department many factors come into play.  Cost, time, effort, accountability, staffing, risk vs. reward, and more – seems like a lot just to generate a simple appointment right?

Especially in this economy, the biggest determining factor with regards to outsourcing your inside sales department should be gaining a superior ROI for the time and effort given to the project.  Consider this the ins and outs of outting your ins!

Control Capital Costs – While cost cutting should not be the sole reason to use our services, it is a major factor.  Home-Base USA converts your fixed costs into variable costs which releases capital for your business to use in other revenue producing activities.

Increase Efficiency – Companies that do everything themselves have significantly higher overhead costs due to labor, training and containment which all eats away at the bottom line, making the company less profitable.  Home-Base USA’s cost structure can give your company a competitive advantage.

Reduce Labor Costs – Hiring and training staff for short-term or peripheral projects can be extremely expensive and most employees will never live up to your expectations.  Home-Base USA allows you to focus your resources where it is needed the most, generating revenue!

Sales On Demand – Home-Base USA has the resources to start a new project, or increase the hours on a current project right away.  This is exponentially beneficial for company-wide sales promotions.

Focus On Your Core Business – Every business has limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention.  Home-Base USA can allow your business to shift its focus from peripheral activities towards work that serves your clients, creates new customers and helps managers set theirHome-Base USA offers an unconditional, money-back, satisfaction guarantee on all projects! priorities to more revenue generating activities.

Reduce Risk – Every penny spent or time put into a new employee carries a certain amount of risk.  Home-Base USA mitigates this risk for your business with the aid of our expert telesales agents, and our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

For more information, visit the B2B appointment setting specialists at Home-Base USA!

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How To Recession-Proof Your Business!

Home-Base USA creates a recession-proof B2B appointment setting process utilized by successful businesses nationwide.  By outsourcing outbound sales calls to their US based, professional telesales agents, companies can focus on closing sales as opposed to prospecting.  Eliminate the risk and offset the costs associated with hiring new employees.

Coral Springs, FL – Home-Base USA, a South Florida based firm, has helped businesses across the country to strengthen their sales figures and increase their bottom line through a qualified appointment setting process, solely utilizing the talents of United States based telesales professionals.  Home-Base USA’s telesales agents will cold call a prospect in order to provide information on a company’s product and create an interest in it.  The agents then set a qualified appointment with a decision maker who has the ability to purchase a clients product or service.  Since all of this is done with Home-Base USA’s professional telesales agents, many of whom have over a dozen years of sales experience, it effectively eliminates the risk and offsets the costs associated with hiring new employees in-house.

Home-Base USA’s telesales services produce a tremendously valuable return on investment for its clients.

In a market stymied by a global recession, and in the age of credit crises and constant layoffs, Home-Base USA is thriving.  “We have never had a client not renew with us” notes David Kreiger, the company’s president and founder.  The reason behind their phenomenal growth is that Home-Base USA allows businesses be proactive in this economy and procure new appointments with qualified prospects; think of it as sales on-demand.

“One of our most successful accounts is actually for a financial planner” mentions Kreiger.  “We contact prospects, and basically tell it like it is, bad economy and all.  Then we explain why now is a great time to get involved in the market and some of the defensive strategies that can be implemented”.  That account has seen business increase ten-fold.  Another account, a franchised shipping conglomerate, has seen a profit of over $60,000 just from a single trial with the company, a relationship that has expanded from one location to a half-dozen nationwide which continues to grow even to this day.  Those are just a few of the success stories shared by Kreiger from 2008 alone.

Home-Base USA credits a majority of its success to the simple fact that business has not changed, the economy has; bad economy or not, businesses still need supplies or need a way to work more efficiently to save money.  By offering their clients a new and unique sales approach on their calls, the company is not only able to more effectively target the decision makers, but by setting highly qualified appointments the companies they represent can make more sales – it’s a win-win scenario.


For more information, visit the B2B appointment setting specialists at Home-Base USA!

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Telemarketing Firm

Home-Base USA - B2B Appointment Setting, Lead Generation & Sales OutsourcingWhen it comes to business-to-business (B2B) appointment setting, the landscape of companies to choose from often seems limitless. So how can you find the right company to set appointments for your sales team? Choosing a company simply on price can work, but in the telemarketing industry, like many others, you get what you pay for. Also selecting a company based on price does not allow you to make an educated decision by uncovering the value that the company will deliver to your organization. Choosing the best company lies not in their price, but what they offer for that rate! Here are 10 questions you need to ask before hiring a B2B appointment setting company.

1. What is the company’s reputation in the industry?
It seems like a logical first question to ask, but many people become so overwhelmed with the process that they often forget to ask! Dealing with a reputable company is the key to dealing with any business, not just telemarketers. Find out if they are a member of any consumer protection agencies such as the Better Business Bureau, and if the company has been featured in any publications in recognition for their work.

2. How much experience do their agents have?
Again, a basic question that often goes unasked. So what if the company has been around for 25 years if their agents are fresh out of high school! In B2B appointment setting, experience is a must so find a company whose telemarketers have plenty of it! What also helps is if the company hires agents with outside sales experience. While it may not help or hinder an appointment setting campaign, it does help that the agents understand the value of a quality appointment.

3. Where are their agents located?
Are they in-house or virtual? Do they work in the US or abroad? Each of these will offer your business an idea of the costs and qualities associated with a calling campaign, and the right choice may surprise you! Companies that have their agents in-house are often the most expensive companies as well because of the overhead of housing dozens of agents, computers, phone systems and more. Essentially this creates an atmosphere where you are investing into the daily operational expenses of that company and not the quality of the agents. In addition to that, companies located in rural areas are limited in terms of the agents that can commute into work each morning. More and more, call centers are adopting a virtual model, meaning their agents work from home throughout the US or the World. This gives the call center the ability to find the best talent available, and since the overhead is lower, so is their pricing. A company that uses the virtual model should also use US based agents as opposed to outsourcing overseas; in sales, understanding the people and cultures that you are calling into is imperative to your success.

4. Does the company have any relevant experience or success stories?
Finding a company that not only understands your product or service, but has a proven track record with it is imperative to ensuring the success of any campaign. Always ask for any case studies, letters of recommendation or references before signing with a company, and be weary of ones that can not provide this information.

5. Are there any guarantees?
Surprisingly in the B2B appointment setting industry, a company offering a guarantee on their service is the exception, not the rule. Many companies will promise the sun, moon and stars to gain potential business, only to over promise and under deliver, leaving your business with no appointments and a bill. To mitigate any risks involved with something such as an appointment setting campaign, you should look for a company that guarantees your satisfaction or offers a refund. Not only does this protect your company from a potentially failed campaign, but is also a good sign of the company’s track record for success.

6. What is the cost for a campaign?
Again, there are a few different answers that can provide you with some insight into how the company operates and the inherent quality of the appointments set, and once again the correct choice may surprise you! Companies that charge on a per appointment basis will not only cost more in the long run, but may also provide your sales team with weaker appointments. From my personal experience, an influx of weak appointments has the potential to create a mutiny between the sales team and the office over who gets what lead (Think Glengarry Glen Ross). The safer alternative is a flat rate campaign that charges on an hourly basis. With an hourly campaign, the emphasis is on providing an ROI and not inundating you with poorly qualified appointments.

7. Are there any additional fees? What is included?
Many companies will charge a set-up fee in addition to the cost of their campaign; this fee generally varies between $250 – $850. But what is included for that price? Many companies will include setting up the account, training their agents and sometimes will develop collateral, all of which is important to the success of the campaign, but it leaves out the most important part – the calling list! If you are being charged for a setup fee, make sure that the list is included! Many companies leave out lists because they cost upwards of $0.10 – $0.30 per contact, and you will need a few hundred if not a few thousand to make a campaign run smoothly.

8. What reporting is included with the campaign?
To help you understand the campaign as it progresses, you will want to make sure that the company will provide you with reports of all calls made during the campaign. Providing clear and concise analysis of the calls made will also help you to understand the strengths as well as any shortcomings in the strategy and adjust accordingly.

9. Can you listen to recordings?
Depending on the area of the country that the company is based out of, it may be illegal to record any call for quality purposes. However, it is always a good idea to ask if call recordings are available should you have a question about an appointment, or would just like to see what your potential clients are hearing. A company that can provide this to you is worth their weight in gold and can help turn an appointment into a sale!

10. Who is responsible for scripting, sales strategies, training, etc.?
Having knowledgeable agents calling with a clear, concise and powerful message is the cornerstone to any campaign. Their training as well as the sales strategy and scripts should have the utmost importance in order to ensure success and more importantly create a return on your investment. Is this something that is provided, or will you be spending countless hours potentially developing this material for the call center. It is strongly recommended that you utilize a company that can strategize the appointment setting process in-house or in conjunction with you. During this process, they can uncover a prospects potential pain points and implement proven tactics to get to the decision maker, overcome any objections and set the appointment.

For more information, visit the B2B appointment setting specialists at Home-Base USA!

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Home-Base USA Logo

Home-Base USA has started blogging about all things appointment setting & lead generation! Stay tuned for future postings!  Planned blogs include “The 10 Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring a Telemarketing Firm”, “The Difference Between a Lead And an Appointment” and more.

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